XPage Java Tutorial Demo Download

The Demo

My original plan was to put up seperate entries for the final two NotesIn9 videos and say a bit, post the code, and go on and on about stuff that I already mentioned, but as time goes on, and I notice that I am not getting the time to do this as I wanted, the time has come for me to just simply give you the file and let you have fun with it.  This also seems the best option because the code already has the javadoc entries to document everything that I would say in the posts to begin with. Take the nsf, open it up, read the code, and if you have any questions, comments, concerns, please feel free to write to me.  As the readme says, I stand by my work, but I also know that there are a few aspects that could be optimized, and I have in fact optimized a bit in the last few weeks in my productive version.

XPage Java Demo Download

Important Notes

In this version of the Java Utilites, we used the openNTF Domino API M4.5.  This is also the current stand of this Demo.  In the future, this will be upgraded to a new version of the API which eliminate certain bugs in the M4.5 version, such as iterating over empty document collection iterators.

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About reederProgramming

I already have an about me page, so I will just put a quick bit of info here. I am a Notes/Domino developer at holistic-net GmbH located in Hannover, Germany. I use Java primarily at home and as often as I can at work. I have dabbled in C# and a few other languages and platforms. This website started out as a place for me to quickly store and access some of my most important how-tos and has started to become a place where I can really help others too!

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