What is BudgIt?

What is BudgIt?  Well, to put it bluntly, it is a tool which I have planned to use to help me maintain a monthly budget.  But there is something that makes it different than any other program that a person can either buy or get freely off the internet.  “envelopes”.  Alright, I do not even call them envelopes in the program, but that is, in essence, what it is.  I grew up with, and even am good at, taking money that I get on pay day, putting it in an envelope marked with a specific topic, and using the money in those envelopes for the planned topic.  This could be for a vacation, electric bills, or annual car insurance payments.  Whatever.  It does not matter what you use it for.  The main thing is that you use it.

I first wanted to start on the program almost 10 years ago.  At that time, I felt that most computer topics were way beyond my understanding and did not even try to figure it out.  A family member had been studying to become a programmer and I had basically just asked if it were possible for that family member to write it for me.  Luckily, she didn’t.  Three years ago when I started an apprenticeship for application development, I was happy that I finally could start on it.  Since then, BudgIt has had many different looks and many different complexities.  Its first version was rather crappy but helped me understand the basics of the Java lanugage.  Once I understood more about object oriented programming, the program was rewritten.  Then, once I understood more about SQL, the next version had a better database structure.  This is a program that has seen many iterations, and will continue to see more.  Currently, I am working on the installation process and the many workflows.  I am getting away from singletons and starting to work on a larger, more complex, yet simpler to use factory class that controls all the different aspects of the program.

There is a lot waiting to happen here, and I am really happy that I can share the process with you all!

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About reederProgramming

I already have an about me page, so I will just put a quick bit of info here. I am a Notes/Domino developer at holistic-net GmbH located in Hannover, Germany. I use Java primarily at home and as often as I can at work. I have dabbled in C# and a few other languages and platforms. This website started out as a place for me to quickly store and access some of my most important how-tos and has started to become a place where I can really help others too!

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