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Since I am putting up more and more code, and my viewership is climbing, I better put some legal stuff to make sure I do not fry myself for later.

I am working on a data protection declaration. Since this site is hosted in germany, I need to follow the GDPR guidelines and so on. Furthermore, I am thinking about getting away from wordpress and migrating to a self-developed platform, but that will take some time. Since this is a private website and not owned by a company, I am hoping I can get away with more time. BUT: if you want me to delete your comments (the only feature that stores personal information that I know about), let me know!

1. My opinions are exactly that. Mine. They are not representative of IBM, my employer holistic-net GmbH, or anyone else that may be mentioned here. If you have a problem with something I mention here, please write a comment, write me an email, or just not follow me. I want to try to help others as much as possible, and if you can contribute to that, please do!

2. All code, as far as I am able, is released freely under an Apache license.  If in the case that that license may not be used for whatever reason, the next best and closest license should be assumed.

3. Give credit where credit is due.  If you use a certain code snippet, mention me in a comment, unless if it is a silly one liner that is so basic that you have no other choice but to use it.

4. All code is as-is and I take no liability for any damage it may cause, either monetary or otherwise.  Any questions, take a look at the licensing and legal info at  I follow all guidelines there.

5. Think I am doing a good job?  Thank you!!  Want to thank me?  Please do so!  Likes, re-tweets, comments, emails, sharing, and every other possible thing you could do is greatly appreciated and helps to motivate me to do more.  I am here to teach AND TO LEARN!

6. Do you want to talk to me directly?  Let me know, and I am sure we can set something up!  In person?  Contact me, I can talk to the men in charge and or put you in contact with the bosses, and see if I can be sent out to discuss your issues.  If you want to contact my boss and tell him what a great job I am doing, check out his blog at or the main website

7. Please be merciful in the comments.  I do approve them all before they go live to prevent spammers and hate mail – not that you’d do such a thing….


last update: 10 July, 2014

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