Intro to the XPage Java dev Tutorials

It is finally on its way!

In February or March I decided that I want to start a tutorial series on XPage development and really share what I have been able to figure out this past year or so.  As I have said numerous times, I am a big fan of Java and think it is very important for every serious XPage developer to know.  I spent a great deal of time setting up an environment at home to be able to do this.  It includes a domain controller (samba) running on an Ubuntu Linux Server, Domino running on windows 7, and a client also running on windows 7.  I do a short intro in the video.

I want to do these tutorials differently from those that I have seen so far.  I do not want to just write a class and say, here use it, but rather go into a “real” project, or better a project that could be real.  It is not enough for me to just show a few snippets and say have fun with it, I want to build something that can be used so that we also hit real world problems.  I am not going to sugar coat the videos and edit out every little mistake and plan out every line that I am going to write…. I have an idea of what I want to accomplish, mistakes be damned.  My mistakes can help you learn as well as show that we are all human.

In this video, we will be giving a quick intro to the environment, take a brief look at the server documents and groups that I set up, and most importantly install the extension libraries and openNTF Domino API.  (May I please just call it ODA?)  We install them both onto the server and onto designer.  Please keep in mind that this video also serves as a test for me so that I know that the software I am using actually plays in the quality that I am going for.  So without further ado, enjoy the video!

Just a quick note, I am really annoyed with the video quality.  The good news is that the source video is much nicer.  I am going to have to go through and re-edit it with better software.  At least it is the intro video / ExtLibs installation video and not the project kickoff.  Also, do not be too disturbed by the first linux part and the small window.  The windows stuff is displayed full sized.

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I already have an about me page, so I will just put a quick bit of info here. I am a Notes/Domino developer at holistic-net GmbH located in Hannover, Germany. I use Java primarily at home and as often as I can at work. I have dabbled in C# and a few other languages and platforms. This website started out as a place for me to quickly store and access some of my most important how-tos and has started to become a place where I can really help others too!

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    Really annoyed with the low quality……

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