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I do not normally do marketing type stuff, but today I want to make an exception.

Here at holistic-net, we often are put in charge of tasks where we need to quickly find information about a company’s application environment.  Sometimes this is because we are planning a migration, and sometimes it is just because we need to see what is available on the server already before we start new development.  Other times, we lack access to certain databases, but we still need current ACL or last access information.  holistic-net application management (or ham for short) is the tool that I like to use.

Ill give a short example of when we needed it.  About two weeks ago, one of our customers decided that they wanted to shut down an existing server and move a few of the applications to another server.  We normally do not need access to those applications, so we were naturally not included in the ACLs. Had we had access to a current ham tool, we could have easily found out which applications were last used, we could have seen the ACLs, and we could have seen what possible replicas are found on other servers and in other domains.  This would have made the work we did in 8 man hours (not including waiting times for ACL changes and email/telephone correspondence), a 1 man hour job.  Another task that was not really possible was finding out who was responsible for which applications as well as other meta-data that we could not find in the catalog.nsf, or by other means.  ham offers a central place to keep all application meta-data clean and up to date.  All we would have needed was to be given access to the ham data application and we could have found what we needed quickly and easily.

Here is a quick excerpt from our website.  Ignoring the marketing jargon, as a developer who also needs to maintain the integrity of the customer’s servers, I find ham a tool that I cannot work well without.  Everything else is too expensive in the terms of man-hours needed for workarounds. For those of you who can understand German, I am including a demonstration video that one of my colleagues recorded.  Please write in the comments if you would like a translated transcript of the video.

If you are interested in trying this application on your servers, please write to me, or to holistic-net at   sales@holistic-net.de


Administration over the complete company-wide application environment

holistic application management (ham) is the perfect tool for the following tasks:

  • Use this tool with our support for creating assessments to use as a foundation for a data migration.
  • Administrate and configure your entire company wide Domino / Notes application environment quickly, efficiently, cheaply, and transparently.
  • Automatically calculate your IT costs and link them with cost calculations .

holistic application management combines an application’s technical data, which is periodically and dynamically imported, with meta data, which is partially generated automatically and partially inputted manually. This information can be made available to many target groups in a company wide information portal.


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