Hello and Welcome to ReederProgramming.com!  This is just a small website that I have started, more for myself, to keep track of all of the cool stuff I am doing.  I am saving information on all of the projects I am working on, or have worked on, and those which have been put on ice indefinitely, as well as those that I think might live again.  I am also writing about current experiences and things I just think are cool.  In my first website, I had a bunch of tutorial pages that I thought were really interesting.  I mainly wrote them here so that I would never forget about them and could find them no matter where I was.  I too often forget a notebook, this was easier.

So, how about I describe myself, and what I do.  I am a new programmer.  I finished an apprenticeship style education in Germany, and I currently work full time for the company that trained me.  I have worked primarily with the ailing IBM [Lotus] Notes framework which allows more or less restrictive programs to be written which use a document style database system.  I may say restrictive, but it is really impressive what one can do with it.  I have seen huge world wide programs written using Notes and it can be really cool.  It looks like something old, but it is not too bad.  The really impressive part about it is the speed at which an application can be written.  I full workflow application can be completed in under a weeks time and cost (relatively) nothing.

Another cool thing that I started with a few years ago was working with XPages.  An XPage is a new design element designed to aide in the “web-enablement” of Notes applications.  It puts the developer in full control of how things will render in the customers’ browsers.  It is a very promising technology, although still in its infancy.  The first major advantage is the particular rendition of JavaScript that is used for programming on the server side.  For many people who have worked with JavaScript, this is a programming language that is used only with browsers to see the internet.  It is often used for making sure that a text field is set among a plethora of other things, but it remains on the viewer’s side and does not have anything to do with the server.  Well, not with XPages.  IBM has decided to take the syntax of JavaScript and add in a lot more features.  This has the effect that I can sit down and in one script use features from Java, JavaScript, LotusScript (basically Visual Basic with some other IBM specific libraries), and the IBM formula language.  This makes for a very powerful server side language that allows me to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time.  Unfortunately, a full discussion on what XPages are and how cool they can be must be saved for a later date.

Privately, I have been working mostly with Java.  (That is correct, I am one of those nerds who sits at a computer and works in my free time!)  I found that Java was a great language to start with because it allows for a very good understanding of what Object Oriented Programming is, and how it should be correctly used.  I have worked on numerous small programs including one game that is almost complete, and a larger application called BudgIt that never really was finished.  Every time I get close to calling it finished, I learn something new that makes me want to rewrite the entire thing.  This is a good thing in that I always have something to try new things on, but bad because i would really like to see it completed and use it on my own.

So to summarize, I am an american living in Germany who had the opportunity to have a great education here, and who works as a programmer mainly dealing with Lotus Notes and Java.  I plan on having numerous articles here that serve as tutorials, lessons I have learned, blogging about my professional journey, and sort of acting as a journal for my friends and family who live so far away from me.  I hope that the information written here can be useful to others as well as to myself.  Enter now my site, and enjoy!

6 Responses to Welcome

  1. Steven Podrouzek says:

    Really enjoying your videos! I’m also a IBM Domino Developer moving into XPages and Java, but have a long way to go before I can say that I’m an XPage or Java developer. Thanks for sharing.

    • reederProgramming says:

      I am really glad that you are enjoying it! Please share it with others so that it can reach as many people as possible! I am in the process of expanding the article now, so stay tuned!

      • Steven Podrouzek says:

        I have subscribed to your youtube channel. What happened to your BudgIT application? Would you mind if I posted some questions about stuff that I’m not sure about in your videos/articles?

        • reederProgramming says:

          Yes, please do ask questions! I am sure that there are a few things that I have explained badly, and there are certain things that are not very clearly visible in these first two videos. For the second video, ie. this one I have added numerous comments and the code. Please try to ask the questions on the correct page so that it is clear which video the question belongs to.

          Anyway, Please do ask because I am sure that others will have similar questions. As far as BudgIt, it is pretty much dead. I think it is long overdue that I write a quick post about it, and a rebirth!

        • reederProgramming says:

          For more info on BudgIt, Read this article

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